We are the master Fassi distributor for all of Canada.

Based in Italy, Fassi is the world’s leader in the manufacture of light (1/12 tm), medium (13/38 tm) and heavy-duty (41/127 tm) truck cranes, and offers a complete line of marine, specialty and military machinery.

TECHNO stability system

The F1450R-HXP TECHNO is the flagship of a new generation of cranes.
This model offers a whole range of innovations, first and foremost from a
structural point of view, particularly concerning the X-DESIGN decagonal
section of the telescopic booms and the secondary arm that allows for
significant reductions in the weight of the arms and a considerable increase
in crane capacity in a horizontal position and, above all, in a vertical position.

Fassi knuckle boom medium-duty cranes

From 13 t/m upwards we enter the realm of medium capacity knuckle boom
cranes, which provide performance but at the same time are extremely
dynamic. Suitable to be fitted on two- and three-axle trucks, in a variety of
setups. The technological fittings include all the most innovative electronic,
hydraulic and mechanical components.