Cross-Canada Volvo Demo Days: Test-Driving the Future of Construction Equipment.

In a world rapidly evolving towards sustainability and eco-consciousness, it’s no surprise that the construction industry is also stepping up its game.  Today, Volvo Construction Equipment offers the widest range of electric construction equipment in the industry, and they are committed to bringing the highest quality electric machines to jobsites with their long-term vision to continue to expand their lineup of sustainably powered equipment.

Strongco, one of Volvo CE’s largest North American construction equipment dealers, is showcasing the latest in Volvo’s electric compact equipment technology with their Test-Drive the Future with Volvo Demo Days events, which are currently taking place across Canada.

The event kicked off in Ontario on September 6th and 7th and is set to travel through Atlantic on September 14th, Quebec in Laval on September 19th and St. Augustin on September 22nd, ending in Alberta on October 4th, leaving a trail of awe-inspired customers in its wake.

The Volvo electric compact equipment is the spotlight of Strongco’s Test-Drive the Future events but, attendees also had the opportunity to explore Volvo CE’s larger diesel excavators, wheel excavators, and compactors.  Among the equipment on display were the Volvo ECR25 and ECR18 compact electric excavators and the Volvo L25 compact electric wheel Loader.  The Volvo EC250EL, EW160, EWR160 diesel excavators and the Volvo SD115 soil compaction machines were also on display at these events.  This comprehensive approach to demonstrate electric and traditional diesel machines together ensures that Strongco is prepared to meet the diverse needs of its customers, no matter the scale of their projects.

What truly sets Strongco’s Demo Days apart is the opportunity it provides for customers to get up close and personal with the equipment. Strongco’s experts were on hand to guide them through the process, providing expert advice and answering all questions. For those new to electric construction equipment, this hands-on experience was invaluable in understanding how to control and operate the machines effectively.

Attendees at the event were genuinely impressed not only by the power and performance of these electric machines but also by their eco-friendly features. The low noise and zero emissions of the electric compact excavators and compact wheel loaders left a lasting impression on everyone who had the opportunity to test them out.  One of the remarkable aspects of these electric machines is their minimal maintenance requirements. This not only reduces downtime for construction projects but also lowers long-term operating costs, making them an attractive option for contractors looking to boost efficiency and sustainability.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, attendees in the Atlantic Region were undeterred and remained curious, eagerly seeking a hands-on experience with the new Volvo e-mobility range. “Their enthusiasm prevailed, and they were genuinely impressed by the innovative offerings despite the less-than-perfect weather conditions”.  Says, Stephen George, Strongco’s Vice President for Eastern Canada, CE division.

Strongco’s Demo Days events are an absolute success. Test-driving the Future of Construction Equipment has marked a pivotal moment in the construction industry’s shift towards sustainability and efficiency. The event not only showcased the remarkable capabilities of Volvo’s electric compact equipment but also provided a platform for customers to gain invaluable hands-on experience. As the event continues its journey across Canada, it’s safe to say that the future of construction is looking brighter and greener than ever before.

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