Shipper / Receiver

Location: Chicoutimi

Brand/Division: Construction Equipment


Receiving and Shipping Clerk is responsible for all inbound and outbound shipments in the warehouse. The candidate will be responsible for coordinating the transportation of goods and the preparation of all necessary documents (for customs, etc...).

Main duties and responsibilities:

- Return of old cores;

- Compile credited cores;

- Verify eligibility and enter data into CMS;

- Print shipping note and enter missing weights and country of origin;

- Provide shipping with appropriate documentation either RTQ and/or delivery note;

- Daily inspection of lifting equipment;

- Receive merchandise: unload trucks in priority;

- Unpack and check items against documents;

- Verify if the parts are damaged and notify the carrier; record it on the documents;

- Verify the load if you have the correct merchandise;

- Unpack, code and distribute items and place them in stock as quickly as possible;

- Verify urgency of orders to establish priority;

- Coordinate transportation and shipping time;

- Ensure merchandise is properly packaged;

- Verify accuracy of contents;

- Affix identification labels and instructions;

- Properly identify contents;

- Verify shipping address;

- Perform a count every Monday morning;

- Give count sheets to available clerk for verification;

- Make another count for items with different quantities and give it to the clerk to check again;

- Compile and file documents and give them to the supervisor for authorization or adjustment;

- Operate a forklift, hand truck or other equipment necessary to safely place merchandise on the shelves;

- Keep the warehouse clean at all times.

- Perform filing of documents.

Minimum Requirements/Abilities:

- Must possess a professional and energetic attitude and the skills to work in a team environment ;

- 3-4 years experience is required.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

- High school diploma.

Working Conditions:

- Work is primarily performed in a warehouse environment with long periods of walking, lifting, bending ;

- Must be able to lift up to 50lbs.

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