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Strongco is the master Fassi distributor for all of Canada.

Based in Italy, Fassi is the world’s leader in the manufacture of light (1/12 tm), medium (13/38 tm) and heavy-duty (41/127 tm) truck cranes, and offers a complete line of marine, specialty and military machinery.

Full line of light, medium and heavy-duty truck-mounted cranes for every application

At Strongco, a Nors Group Company, we take pride in offering a full line-up of industry-leading boom truck cranes all in one place.

Our leading OEM brands, like Fassi Cranes, set global standards, and feature the highest level of product quality. Our full line of truck-mounted cranes offer exceptional reach – and many feature the longest boom and strongest load charts in their capacity class.

No matter your crane needs, you can depend on Strongco to deliver.

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A Fassi F275A crane on a workboat in Montreal

A Fassi F275A.2.26 e-dynamic loader crane mounted on a workboat in Montreal

Montreal (Canada) – Fassi’s Canadian distributor, Strongco Corporation, has recently supplied an F275A.2.26 e-dynamic crane to the shipbuilding company Navamar Inc., based in Montreal. The crane was mounted onto a 17 m long Multi Cat steel workboat with bridge space for a semi-trailer and large cargo area under the bridge. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 22.94 tm and an excellent hydraulic outreach of 16.85 m (Courtesy of Strongco Corporation).

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Two Fassi F710RAF.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader cranes with L426 jibs work on the New Champlain Bridge in Montreal.

Montreal (Canada) – Two Fassi F710RAF.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader cranes with L426 jibs are being used in Montreal to build a replacement for the Champlain Bridge, which connects several boroughs of the city.

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New Fassi F545RA xe-dynamic model, 50tm crane suitable for 3-axle chassis >

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