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Strongco is the master Fassi distributor for all of Canada.

Based in Italy, Fassi is the world’s leader in the manufacture of light (1/12 tm), medium (13/38 tm) and heavy-duty (41/127 tm) truck cranes, and offers a complete line of marine, specialty and military machinery.

A Fassi F275A crane on a workboat in Montreal

A Fassi F275A.2.26 e-dynamic loader crane mounted on a workboat in Montreal

Montreal (Canada) – Fassi’s Canadian distributor, Strongco Corporation, has recently supplied an F275A.2.26 e-dynamic crane to the shipbuilding company Navamar Inc., based in Montreal. The crane was mounted onto a 17 m long Multi Cat steel workboat with bridge space for a semi-trailer and large cargo area under the bridge. The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 22.94 tm and an excellent hydraulic outreach of 16.85 m (Courtesy of Strongco Corporation).

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Two Fassi F710RAF.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader cranes with L426 jibs work on the New Champlain Bridge in Montreal.

Montreal (Canada) – Two Fassi F710RAF.2.26 xhe-dynamic loader cranes with L426 jibs are being used in Montreal to build a replacement for the Champlain Bridge, which connects several boroughs of the city.

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New Fassi F545RA xe-dynamic model, 50tm crane suitable for 3-axle chassis >

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