ECR25 Electric

The high performing new ECR25 Electric compact excavator

The Volvo ECR25 Electric excavator is a true game changer. The first in a new range of electric compact excavators, it takes a proven concept, and then adds battery electric power, so you’ll have all the performance you need, in the compact package you demand. Volvo CE is moving towards a brighter, more sustainable future, and now you can too.

Features and Benefits

Be it Volvo Trucks, Volvo Buses, Volvo Penta or Volvo CE, the Volvo Group is at the leading edge of sustainable, forward thinking solutions.

Enter the ECR25 Electric – the first electric compact excavator to be launched as Volvo transition from diesel to electric battery power on models from 1.5 to 3 tons. Building on experience from concept and prototype machines like the EX02, and of course the existing conventionally powered ECR25D, the Volvo ECR25 Electric compact excavator is the out-the-box solution that you are demanding.

Enjoy a quieter working day (or night) with the new Volvo ECR25 Electric excavator – because our towns and cities are noisy enough already. Silence. Just the word envelops you in a sense of serenity. And now you and those around you can experience what happens when you start to add silence to a compact excavator.

The new Volvo ECR25 Electric, helping build the world we all want to live in. At home in the city Our cities are becoming busier, with increasing demands to meet our infrastructure needs. The lower noise levels that the ECR25 Electric offers enable you to work anytime, anywhere – even at night in populated areas. This can lessen the disturbance inner city work can cause and reduce congestion at peak times, all the while increasing your efficiency. It also creates a more pleasant working environment for you and your colleagues with whom you can clearly communicate with despite operating; allowing them to guide you while remaining at a safe working distance from the machine.

Unlock new prospects for your business with the zero emission Volvo ECR25 Electric excavator. You can find a compact excavator on every street corner. Literally. While this demonstrates what a useful tool they are, it also puts them in close proximity with those around.

With the Volvo ECR25 Electric you combine the all-round abilities of a compact excavator with the benefits of zero emission electric power. The world will thank you for it. Go where others can't Working in confined spaces requires confidence and controllability – the ECR25 Electric has the necessary precision and responsive hydraulic system when such accuracy is key, meaning it can do the same job as a diesel machine, but without leaving a trace. It also features a short-radius compact design making it perfect for applications like utilities, but thanks to zero emissions, also indoor jobs such as basement groundworks and building demolition. Back outdoors, and as restricted access low emission zones become ever more common, the go-anywhere ECR25 Electric is the perfect fit. This opens up new business opportunities, which in turn helps optimize utilization – great news for both end users and rental companies.

Experience the industry’s foremost premium cab with the new Volvo ECR25 Electric compact excavator, making excessive vibrations, noise and heat a thing of the past. Comfort can mean many things to people, but one constant is the reassurance it gives.

For Volvo, comfort has always means caring for the operator, and the ECR25 Electric takes this to a new level - so the operator can focus on the task at hand. At the heart of operations The ECR25 Electric takes the proven credentials of the industry's foremost cab – accessibility, visibility and class leading ergonomics – and then adds a substantial reduction in noise, vibration and heat, ensuring long lasting comfort and productivity. The lack of an exhaust is also noticeable, removing the associated fumes and minimising the dust that they can generate.


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