L25 Electric

The innovative new L25 Electric compact wheel loader

The Volvo L25 Electric is the latest evolution from the company that has been at the forefront of wheel loader innovation for over 65 years. It delivers the performance you expect, but with the zero emission electric power you only ever dreamed of. No matter what your application, this electric compact wheel loader will deliver – but in a quieter, cleaner and more comfortable way.

Features and Benefits

All the way from an L20 to an L350, there is a Volvo loader perfectly suited for all load and carry applications. Now with the launch of the new Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader, the variety of those jobs is even more diverse.

The first release in a new line of electric compact wheel loaders, the L25 Electric wheel loader has already proven itself to be more than a match for its diesel counterparts. And now you too can experience the future in the most challenging environment you know – your daily business.


Focus on the job in front of you rather than the normal engine noise behind you with the new Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader. Noise pollution is often accepted as part of daily life. Put on your noise cancelling headphones and just keep going. But that’s not a solution for a classroom of children trying to concentrate. Or the office worker taking their lunch break in the park. If it's a Volvo L25 Electric working close by, it will add some silence back, helping everyone to focus on what's important to them. The power you expect - the noise others want With a wide offer of high performance attachments, this loader is ready for any job. Add to this the low noise levels that the L25 Electric offers and you open up a myriad of new opportunities to grow your business, be it working at night in urban areas or during the day close to noise sensitive locations like hospitals and parks. And just because its battery powered, doesn’t mean the result is any different. You get all the power you need to complete the job, only with minimum noise.


Help take up the fight against pollution with the zero emission Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader. Each summer, millions of people suffer from hay fever and rush to the pharmacies to help ease their streaming eyes and runny noses. And yet the air around us carries many other not so visual evils without such a quick solution. Volvo now offers a small step in the right direction with the zero emission L25 Electric, adding a little clean to the world around us. A premium product for premium products It goes without saying that the L25 Electric is a superior product, with the performance for any job. And if that application involves handling crops or working close to livestock, the lack of emissions will ensure your product remains superior too. With both standard and fast-charging options available it’s easy to adapt, so having diesel on your hands or spillages to clean up will soon be a thing of the past.


Welcome to the future – welcome to the comfortable and quiet premium cab experience you’ve been waiting for with the Volvo L25 Electric wheel loader. No matter what your workday involves, when you go home and are asked ‘how was your day?’ your response shouldn’t have to include phrases like ‘a little noisy’ or ‘a bit uncomfortable’. The Volvo L25 Electric can help add some comfort back into your day. It can’t make you a coffee (yet), but it will make those long shifts just a bit more pleasant. All round comfort Putting the operator first is nothing new for Volvo. Already among the most spacious in the industry, the ergonomically designed Volvo Care Cab has always been a pleasant place to be. With less vibration and lower noise - the L25 Electric takes it a step further. But comfort shouldn't stop with the operator - without an engine and ancillary parts, less maintenance time is required. Not only saving you money, but also a relief for those tasked with servicing those components in the confined spaces of equivalent diesel machines.


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