In-Field Service

Field Service is about convenience for our customer and response time for emergency service. At Strongco Field Service dispatch, we work hard to provide our customers with both convenience and quick-service response. We operate a fleet of fully tooled service trucks, computer diagnostic equipment, equipped with GPS, so that we can dispatch a factory-trained technician quickly to meet the urgency of your need. All of our Field Service Professionals have 24-hour remote access to our information systems to quickly diagnose and secure the repair parts as required.

We understand the importance of getting a part or fixing a problem on a unit as fast as possible. That’s why we offer after-hours support at all our locations.

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In-Shop Service

Strongco is proud to represent our manufacturers and we provide after sale support that’s second to none.

Our role is to keep you up and running, to get the best performance possible and to support the success of your business.

We employ qualified and experienced technicians who are factory-trained to service your equipment when required. Our shops and technicians are outfitted with the latest in computer technology and factory tooling to quickly diagnose your machine and make recommendations to maintain your equipment at peak performance.

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Large-Component Rebuilding

Strongco repairs and rebuilds all engine, powertrain and hydraulic components, and we also offer factory-remanufactured components.

When time is on your side, reduce your costs and extend the life of your original components with planned component rebuilding, including:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions & Torque Convertors
  • Axles
  • Hydraulic Pumps, Motors & Cylinders

If speed and convenience are what you need, our full line of factory-remanufactured components are at the ready.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled or Preventative Maintenance is a requirement for all machines to keep them operating at their peak level of performance. All machines require a daily inspection and topping up of fluids prior to start-up, as outlined in your machine’s operator and maintenance manual.

Depending on the make and model of machine, the intervals of service vary, and are clearly outlined in the operator and maintenance manual. Typically, the intervals are managed by hours recorded on the machine’s service meter, and the frequency of the intervals are every 250 or 500 hours, depending on the job site conditions and type of machine work.

While many customers prefer to do their own Preventative Maintenance, Strongco can provide the recommended parts and fluids you require to keep your machine operating at peak performance.

Strongco also offers Customer Service Agreements where we will perform these tasks for you.

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Customer Service Agreements (CSA)

When it comes to Customer Service Agreements, there is no “one size fits all.” Strongco works with each individual customer to tailor the best CSA for all makes and models that we represent to meet your individual needs.

Why consider a CSA?

Strongco technicians are the experts when it comes to maintenance. Our factory-trained technicians inspect each machine for potential problems and recommend preventative actions, allowing you more time to manage the things that are important to your business.

Strongco will provide you with costs that are known and protected from the uncertainty of the day-to-day economy over the life of the Agreement.

We can also look after the tracking of the intervals and schedule the service accordingly. We’ll provide you with a complete history of all CSA work performed as proof of maintenance.

Strongco offers the following CSA options:

  • Preventative Maintenance CSA
  • Full Repair and Maintenance CSA

What does a CSA cost?

Each CSA is different, Strongco will construct the best program for your machine keeping your business needs in mind. Just ask any of our Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) for assistance and they will build a custom solution specific to your business needs and will provide the costs for your specific program. Even how you pay can be customized to your business needs, we can provide options such as monthly rates, hourly rates or pay per service level performed.

A Customer Service Agreement designed specifically for your machine is the best opportunity to maximize the machine uptime and production as well as to help lower the total cost of ownership.

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Extended Warranties

Why purchase extended warranty coverage?

Simply stated, extended warranties provide peace-of-mind and total cost of ownership management without the surprises that can sometimes occur.

Extended coverage allows for protection of key machine components and removes the risk of an unplanned repair and expense.

Strongco offers extended warranty coverage for the majority of the equipment we represent today, either through the original equipment manufacturer’s own program or through preferred-partner providers.

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Equipment Inspections

Equipment inspections are a critical component in managing the total cost of ownership, and vital to maintaining the best possible machine availability, as well as maximum productivity.

Strongco has many different inspection programs designed specifically for your equipment type:

  • CRANE Safety Inspections
  • CARE Inspections
  • CASE 88 Point Inspection
  • Machine function annual check up

Did you buy a used piece of equipment from an auction or some other unknown source of original ownership? Let Strongco complete an inspection, and in some cases, search vendor and machine databases for machine operational data and repair histories.

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Air Conditioning

Many of our branches offer air conditioning service, from minor repairs to complete R12 to R134 conversions. Our trained technicians understand the environmental sensitivity of this service and have been trained to provide you with the best possible maintenance.

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Painting Services

The appearance of your equipment is important to you, your customers and potential used equipment buyers. To assist in keeping your equipment looking its best, several Strongco branches are equipped with painting facilities.

We can help with metal work, decal replacement and other refresh opportunities.

We can paint match to almost all OEM colours. If you have corporate colours, no problem – simply contact us for a quote.

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Hydraulic Repairs

Strongco’s hydraulic repair service offers a wide range of options. We will provide you with the value you want, the quality that you deserve and the reliability that you’ve come to expect for all of your pump, motor and cylinder needs.

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Fluid Analysis

Strongco’s specialized fluids analysis testing and trending review can provide the information that will help you manage the productivity of your equipment over its lifetime. Services include oil sampling, coolant analysis, fuel-quality testing and trending analysis.

The benefits of a fluid analysis program for your equipment:

  • Contamination control and reduction to extend machine life
  • Early detection of potential problems and repair before a catastrophic failure leads to less expense
  • Maximizes the life of major components and avoid having to replace a component until you need to
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime: a planned repair takes the least amount of time to fix
  • Monitor maintenance practices, to know that preventative maintenance services are done at the right time
  • Better trade-in value; proof of a well maintained machine
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Software Options

Many manufacturers offer optional equipment software to assist with the ownership and operation of your equipment.

CASE and Volvo options available:

  • Engine shutdown timer
  • Auto engine shutdown
  • Speed limiter
  • Engine start lock
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Telematics are web-based applications that enable remote monitoring and management of your equipment.

Some of the benefits that you receive with telematics technology are:

  • Manage the location and the basic usage of engines and machines
  • Know the current machine hours, fuel levels and machine location
  • Schedule planned maintenance and major repairs, with auto alert notifications
  • Manage fault codes or diagnostic codes
  • Detect problems before they cause a major component failure
  • Increase machine availability and productivity by avoiding unexpected downtime for repairs
  • Identify the need for training in order to improve operator efficiency

Specific coverage and benefits offered by our manufacturers:

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Customer Training

Strongco is here to help your operators get the most productivity from your machines. We have several levels of operator training and equipment familiarization services that can be customized to your specific needs.

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Hose Manufacturing

Several of Strongco’s branches have on-site hose-making capabilities to help speed up the repair process. Simply bring in your old hose and we will manufacture the replacement while you wait.

For Volvo and CASE-branded machines, we can manufacture up to 15,000 hoses onsite while you wait with no sample hose required.

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