Marketing Coordinator

Lieu: Mississauga

Marque/Division: Administration


Bilingual Marketing Coordinator

Reporting directly to the Marketing Manager, this position will be responsible for creating and maintaining all marketing activities relating to social media, email marketing, print advertising and website design. This will include planning, execution and monitoring results. The position works with staff to develop customer-facing solutions to meet communication, marketing and/or engagement goals. This position will leverage multiple channels both within and outside the organization; internal departments, OEM suppliers, marketing companies and key industry publication contacts.

Working knowledge and experience relating to social media marketing/content development, SEO, search marketing and digital analysis with Google Analytics is essential. Must be observant to understand and adjust quickly to the fast-paced digital landscape.


  • Collaborate with various departments to successfully implement projects and brand building opportunities
  • Create new and relevant content including media writing, correspondence, website updates, articles and targeted marketing pieces that can be utilized across many marketing channels (digital and traditional)
  • Create and implement advertising and social media strategies that align with business goals
  • Setup tracking systems for marketing campaigns, online activities and marketing research
  • Develop, manage and oversee organization’s social media channels to increase brand awareness, drive engagement, implementing marketing plans for online content and acquire new leads
  • Utilize industry and organizational knowledge to develop ideas and content.
  • Maintain and strengthen the organization’s overall brand through all media avenues
  • Support department team with creative presentations
  • Manage print contractors, promotional vendors and industry publication relationships
  • Maintain working knowledge of best practices in marketing
  • Simplify complex data into a user-friendly format such as graphs, charts and other visual aids for management
  • Manages and maintains contact/user databases in CRM system and multiple online tools.
  • Provide backup support and general communications support to the Marketing Manager
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Manage confidential and administrative files for Executive’s office
  • Provide miscellaneous support as required (e.g. data collection, administrative support, media lists, contact lists and user access updates to program sites) and other duties as assigned
  • Proofread and edit written material in a timely manner
  • Represent the communications team through participation on committees, task forces and work groups as assigned
  • Manage assigned communications project from inception to completion; including engagement strategies, involving research planning, writing and event management


  • Between three to five years experience in developing and implementing strategic corporate communications initiatives with demonstrated success
  • Must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint) is mandatory
  • Working knowledge of graphic editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop to create and edit digital images used across organization’s digital assets
  • Ability to deliver creative content that includes text, image and video)
  • Familiarity with web design
  • Knowledge of content management systems and data measurement using analytical tools such as Google Analytics
  • Experience with Customer Relationship Management Systems and social media channels are required
  • Willingness to constantly learn and develop

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