Shipper/ Receiver

Lieu: Moncton

Marque/Division: CE



The Shipper / Receiver is responsible for the shipping and receiving of all goods in the warehouse. He or she will have to communicate all shipment details to consignee and ensure most accuracy with respect to everything that is shipped/received. At all times, the candidate must ensure the safety and housekeeping of the warehouse and abide by all safety rules and regulations.


• Prepare all shipments and clearly identifies all items.

• Confirms accuracy and packages shipments in a way to insure the safe and intact arrival to destination.

• Prepare Carrier Bill of Ladings (BOLs) as required.

• Prepare shipping and customs documents.

• Contacts & arranges for carrier pick-ups.

• Ensure availability and storage of warehouse & shipping supplies.

• Vendor returns.

• Locating missing parts required for shipment.

• Receives all goods & shipments for Warehouse.

• Inspects and confirms all shipments for damages or overages & shortages.

• Receives items to the DMS.

• Releases backorders (all customer orders).

• Record-keeping.

• Notifies recipient of goods received.

• Delivers shipment to consignee.

• Stocks parts to shelves.

• Reporting, tracing and claiming all shortages to carriers or vendors.

• Reporting shortages to the intended consignee.

• Participate in cycle counting.


• General warehousing.

• Knowledge of the shipping and receiving process.

• Forklift certificate.


• Relevant work experience would be an asset.


• Work is primarily done in a warehouse environment, with frequent walks.

• Work requires a lot of physical effort which includes bending, kneeling, walking, lifting.

• Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

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