Grove launches the GMK4070L: The ultimate Taxi crane.

The GMK4070L offers with 60m the longest boom while also being the lightest crane in its class. Within 10t per axle the crane can carry 5,2t of counterweight and within 12t per axle 13,3t which leads to an unmatched flexibility in transportation. In addition to that the GMK4070L dominates with unmatched lifting capacities with full and partial counterweight configurations.

One of the first Manitowoc cranes to feature the innovative Grove CONNECT™ digital platform, which gives owners real-time access to fleet data, is the GMK4070L. Fleet managers may quickly gain insight into the crane’s performance with Grove CONNECT™ by making a few screen taps. By supporting service technicians with remote, improved troubleshooting, fewer onsite visits are required, and preventative maintenance plans are strengthened.

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