Health and Safety at Strongco is a core value that will not be compromised.

We Believe:

  • The safety of our people is our first and most important company value.
  • We have a duty to provide a healthy and safe environment for those people touched by our business activities.
  • Managers and supervisors are accountable and responsible for maintaining a safe workplace by providing our people with the right environment, the appropriate tools, and regular training in safe work practices.
  • Employees are responsible for working in a safe manner, for reporting unsafe acts or conditions without fear of reprimand, repercussion, or unreasonable pressures, and for being partners in the reduction and elimination of risk in our workplace.

Our Commitment:

  • To provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, visitors, contractors, and others affected by our business.
  • To ensure the safety of our employees when travelling and working at customer sites.
  • To maintain a culture of leadership, accountability and participation in matters pertaining to health and safety.

Our Actions:

  • To adhere to a robust and continually improving comprehensive health and safety management system that addresses the physical, psychological, and social wellbeing of employees.
  • To operate our facilities with the mandate that workplace injuries/incidents are preventable.
  • To recognize, assess and eliminate/control potential hazards in all our facilities.
  • To learn from experiences and share information with all our partners to assist with prevention of future incidents.
  • To promote active employee participation in our health and safety management system by establishing and supporting joint health and safety committees and worker health and safety representatives.
  • Ensure all employees and contractors working at a facility are aware of and work in full compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and company H&S requirements, programs, and procedures.
  • To promote a respectful workplace and ensure effective procedures are in place to prevent workplace violence and harassment.
  • To establish challenging goals/targets, monitor performance, measure results and celebrate our successes as we strive for zero injuries/illness within our workplace.

The success of this policy requires the active commitment and participation of every member of our Strongco team.

Oliver Nachevski
President and Chief Executive Officer

January 2024