Service Advisor

Province: Alberta
Branch: Fort McMurray
Employment Type: Full Time
Number of Positions: 1

Service Advisor

Position Summary:

As a Service Advisor, you are a highly motivated team player who ensures Strongco surpasses our customers’ expectations by completing the duties required in a professional and timely manner. Overall responsibility for the safe, effective, clean, organized and professional performance management of Service Department operations at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Shop facilities and staff in the Service Department;
  • Shop and field service processes and personnel in the Service Department;
  • Supporting and driving all aspects of service in the Service Department;
  • Safety of all personnel in Service Department;
  • Proposing solutions to better streamline our internal processes as they relate to the Service Department;
  • Reporting systems in the Service Department;
  • Timely and proper flow of paperwork coming from Service;
  • Developing Service Competence in all areas of Service;
  • Ensure all Service Staff are working safely and with proper tooling;
  • Coach and inspire the Service staff both in the branch and in the field;
  • Implement internal systems to ensure the timely flow of paperwork through the Service Department;
  • Structure Shop and Field procedures to monitor quality of work and drive customer satisfaction;
  • Structure flow of Service Dispatch to ensure prompt response to customer inquiries and proper handling of calls;
  • Ensure Shop and Field Service staff have proper tooling to increase response times and drive customer satisfaction;
  • Provide timely reporting to senior management to increase level of communication from the Service Department;
  • Ensure all Training programs provided by manufacturers are implemented to increase customer satisfaction;

Health and Safety: It is our expectation that all Strongco Employees will conduct their work in a safe manner, abide by all Strongco safety policies and report all hazardous conditions and unsafe work procedures. In addition, Strongco employees will be required to report any and all incidences/accidents/near misses according to company policies.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

  • Industry competence;
  • Integrity;
  • Operation and technical hands on experience with heavy equipment;
  • Team player;
  • Achievement driven;
  • Ability to mentor;
  • Ability to make decisions in a timely and consistent manner;


  • Post-secondary diploma and/or relevant working experience;
  • Experience working in a dealership environment.
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