The ECR18E short-swing compact excavator is a 1.8 ton class machine that can squeeze into the tightest of spaces, and thanks to its ultra-short tail design – the shortest radius in the Volvo range – it can work close to obstacles and fit in spaces as narrow as 39 inches.

Features And Benefits
  • For superior versatility when working in confined spaces, the ECR18E features an ultra-short tail radius. The machine design ensures that the frame corner, swing post and cylinder stay within the tracks when digging alongside obstacles. The result is maximum visibility and a reduced risk of machine damage when working in tight conditions.
  • The unique high-profile counterweight design is made from three strong pieces of cast iron which wrap around the rear of the machine, protecting all vital components. All-around steel panels, recessed 0.4” from the counterweight, offer further protection.
  • The roomy and uncluttered operator environment of the machine is designed to keep you safe and focused while at work, including simple layout of the controls, fingertip control and large travels pedals. Safety is built-in to the machine with a ROPS/TOPS/FOPS canopy, a large entrance including high visibility step, and an orange seatbelt as standard for easy checks by site managers.
  • Complete maintenance tasks with speed thanks to the hinged fuel tank which enables an impressive ease of access to the engine compartment, and easy to locate daily check points. A 50-hour greasing interval further contributes towards the best-in-class serviceability of this machine.
  • Transportation of the machine is safe and secure, thanks to its light weight and convenient design. With automatic slew lock and four easily accessed large tie-down points on the upper frame, the machine can be safely transported on a small trailer with up to three buckets and a hydraulic breaker, while maintaining a total transport weight of less than 2t.

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Standard Arm Length 3 ft 1 in (950 mm)
Engine Manufacturer Volvo
Engine Model D 0.9A
Displacement 54.8 Inches³ (0.898 ltr)
Rated Speed 2300 rpm
Engine Output - Net 16.1 hp (12 kW)
Engine Output - Gross 16.1 hp (12 kW)
Number Of Track Rollers - Each Side 3
Track Shoe Width 9 inches (230 mm)
Bucket Capacity 0.05 yd³ (0.036 m³)
Bucket Weight 72.8 lbs (33 kg)
Transport Length Mono Boom 12 ft 11 in (3932 mm)
Max Transport Height 7 ft 6 in (2298 mm)
Max Machine Width 4 ft 5 in (1352 mm)
Track Length On Ground 5 ft 4 in (1620 mm)
Zero Tailswing Yes
Heaped Bucket Capacity 0.05 yd³ (0.036 m³)
Bucket Width - Standard 17.7 inches (450 mm)
Variable Undercarriage Availability Yes
Ground Level Reach 12 ft 10 in (3921 mm)
Dig Height 11 ft 4 in (3442 mm)
Dump Height - Mono Boom 8 ft (2444 mm)
Dig Depth 7 ft 4 in (2234 mm)
Standard Arm 3 ft 1 in (950 mm)
Longest Arm 3 ft 9 in (1150 mm)
Fuel Tank 5.55 gallons (US) (21 ltr)
Ground Bearing Pressure 4.1 PSI (28.4 kPa)
Standard Shoe Width 9 inches (230 mm)
Arm Tearout 1787 lbf (7.95 kN)
Bucket Breakout 2900 lbf (12.9 kN)
Main Pump Gear
Total Flow 9 gallons (US) / min (34 lt/min)
Operating Weight 3748 lbs (1700 kg)