Strongco Equipment Helps TV Treasure Hunters Uncover the Past

Last November, Strongco equipment played a supporting role on the History Channel’s most watched television program, The Curse of Oak Island.

More than 3.13 million1 people tuned in to watch fortune-hunters Marty and Rick Lagina renew their search for lost antiquities – ranging from Templar treasures, Marie Antoinette’s jewels and Shakespeare’s missing manuscripts to the Ark of the Covenant – rumored to be on the island.

Strongco was a natural fit. Everyone at the Atlantic office felt compelled to lend a helping hand, based on a deep connection to the brothers’ determination.

“We’re more than fans of the show,” says Stephen George, Regional Vice President, Eastern Canada, Strongco. “We feel connected to Marty and Rick’s values – their grit, their perseverance, their commitment.”

The Michigan-born brothers originally purchased the rights to Oak Island in 2014, fascinated by long-standing questions about hidden treasure. Their series delves into the history, lore, and speculation surrounding the cache – including past attempts to recover it.

After six seasons, the trail was getting warmer. That’s where Strongco entered the picture.

“We feel connected to Marty and Rick’s values – their grit, their perseverance, their commitment .”

Members of the show needed powerful, energy-efficient machines for excavation and cleanup. They selected three pieces from Volvo Construction Equipment: the EC200E and ECR145E medium crawler excavators, the latter of which can be seen in multiple episodes.

The Volvo ECR145E zero-tail-swing excavator was ideal for heavy work situated in tight spaces. It was used as an all-purpose tool, supported by the EC200E, a fuel-conscious model designed to meet strict emissions guidelines, for painless cleanup after a day’s treasure hunting.

The Volvo machines offered strength, maneuverability and energy-efficiency – garnering significant praise on-camera throughout the entire filming process.

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